Art Production Manager 

Created many of the graphics for their website, including photos such as this (taken from the top of the Empire State Building). I maintained this data-driven website through FileMaker, traveled the world updating their travel information, and created graphic files sent to printer for publication. Skills used: Indesign, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, FinalCut, Excel, Filemaker, Xcode, iContact, Photography and video skills.

Email blasts

Created many email campaigns including this one and the graphics inside this iPhone app. I also populated a FileMaker database to provide all data and information for this app. I learned Xcode in order to work with developers.

Social Media

I created images for social media using my photographs and text provided by author. I also designed website and created a logo using her initials as part of branding for The Whole-Hearted Life book.


Graphic design+Photography

Created label using Illustrator and digitally photographed the results. My photo was used in ads & large door-size poster in store. Created many product labels, newspaper ads, etc... for this client.

Web design by Loretta Bechert Creative Design Lab
Web Design
Click on image for example of web design.
Web desig by Loretta Bechert Creative Design Labn

Created this website for local artist. I photographed some of the artwork, others were scanned photos. I also set up YouTube Channel and Instagram accounts.

Click on image for example of web design.


Created website for local photographer. Click on image for example of web design.

Decals & Biz Cards 

Created using Illustrator

Yoga Website 

and biz card

Exhibition Invite

Art Photography

Sculpture photographs have appeared in Sculpture Magazine and various publications, including the books Strong-Cuevas Sculpture. and  Strong-Cuevas Drawings.

Email Campaigns

CD design

I have designed several music CDs for local artists.

Product flyer



Created using Illustrator

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